Business intelligence on the nonprofit sector

We crunch financial, personnel, and service provider information on over a million nonprofits to help you discover new clients and increase your competitive edge

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Build on past successes

  • Find leads similar to your successful clients
  • Discover common characteristics automatically among your clients
  • Identify key metrics that indicate high-probabilities of success

Run advanced queries

  • Generate insights, not raw numbers
  • Drill down on the specific types of organizations that matter
  • Use our easy-to-use, fast, and powerful query engine

Stay up-to-date on lists

  • Keep your lists accessible and up-to-date with weekly updates
  • Easily save, export, and modify your lists
  • Receive automatic alerts when updated insights are available

Better qualify existing leads

  • Fill in missing data in your CRM with up-to-date financial, personnel, and contractor details
  • Filter by high growth, major contractors, or innovative technology usage
  • Automatically flag inbound leads against your current successful clients

Gain insights on market trends

  • Analyze performance trends amongst organizations to hone in on qualified prospects
  • Benchmark peer organizations against each other
  • Conduct due diligence on new markets

Find useful connections

  • Filter organizations by staff and board member characteristics
  • Search by shared alma matters, work history, and interests
  • Scan your LinkedIn network for referrals to key individuals

Obtain contact details

  • Connect with leads using our contact information
  • Contact people via phone, email, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Coverage for staff and board members of most major organizations

Prepare for meetings

  • Access organizational profiles and key performance indicators
  • Stay up-to-date on organizations with Twitter and Facebook streams
  • View raw financials (i.e., Form 990s) to read footnotes

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